Villa Astoria

出售价格 € 4 000 000

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身份证号码 106
类型 Villa
卧室 6
浴室 5
地区 370 m2
容积率 1 524 m2




Vladimir Khanukaev:
t: +30 2310 567433
m: +30 6978 281847



布局别墅的一楼设有一间带壁炉和客用浴室的客厅、厨房和一个可观赏海景的大阳台。二楼有三间卧室,每一个都具有独立的卫生间。其中两个卧室是专为儿童设计。平层有一间起居室,三间卧室,两间浴室,附带厨房和储藏室。这里还有舒适温馨的凉亭,烧烤区以及停车场 - 而且这一切都位于绿草和花丛之中。


Infrastructure This place is located 80 kilometres from the Macedonia international airport in Thessaloniki. Four local 5-star hotels made their best endeavour to embody all the wealth of civilisation of this region. It also has its own harbour for yachts and a wonderful seafront with small shops and pubs. Tourists can enjoy dinner and listen to live music in any of the restaurants, which range from traditional Greek taverns to Italian and Japanese restaurants. Supermarkets of the area supply tourists with all necessary products, confectionery, fruits and vegetables. Apart from that, villages Nea Fokia, Nea Poteidaia and Athitos, which are located just a few kilometres from Sani, offer all necessary bakeries, meat and fish shops, and full-product markets. The territory of the hotel has a medical office, pharmacy, church and summer cinema. Nature This region is a perfect place for a sanatorium for air therapy. There is a beautiful forest of pine trees which goes directly down to the beach and has a unique combination of sea air rich in oxygen and ozone, and with the smell of pine tree saturating the atmosphere with phytoncides (essential oils that suppress the growth of bacteria). Such air is a natural antidepressant and it creates therapeutical effect on human respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Apart from great walks with fresh air, tourists can engage in various water sports, take a cruise on a yacht or visit a bird sanctuary, which has more than 180 species of birds. The hotel offers a spa centre, club for kids, gyms, diving centre, six tennis courts and many other excellent facilities. History and landmarks The first organized settlements on the territory of Sani date back to XI century BC. Four centuries later, residents of island of Andros, who were descendants of the Trojan War veterans, came to this place and settled their communities. The records of Herodotus and Strabo suggest that the new city was developing rapidly and led to lively trade with Ionia, Cyclades and Euboea, and later with Corinth and Athens, which at that time had the picturesque cape with ancient sanctuary of the goddess Artemis. In the Hellenistic period the land was chosen by the Romans. In modern time, the surrounding area has many excavations revealing unique Roman villa, which belonged to a wealthy landowner in Chalkidiki. The flourishing place fell into decadence after it suffered from devastating campaigns of Spartans and Macedonians. However, in the XV century a farmstead at the Monastery Stavronikita, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, was built at the cape St. George. Until today, the place has a perfectly preserved Byzantine tower, which enjoys annual summer festivals including music of various nations, jazz and classics, dancing performances, cinema and art exhibitions. 查看更多 »

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Cafes and bars

Anemos Beach Bar 12 分钟 1 分钟
14 分钟 1 分钟
Mojito Bar 15 分钟 2 分钟
Ammos Beach Bar 16 分钟 2 分钟


Super Market Sani Marina 14 分钟 1 分钟
Confectionery   9 分钟
Mini market   9 分钟
Αρβανιτίδης super market   9 分钟


Pharmacy 14 分钟 1 分钟
Pharmacy   9 分钟
Pharmacy   9 分钟
Pharmacy   10 分钟

Taverns and restaurants

Ouzerie 7 分钟 1 分钟
Dunes 13 分钟 1 分钟
Ergon 14 分钟 1 分钟
Tomata restaurant 14 分钟 1 分钟

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