Townhouses Anemi

Sale Price: € 550 000

Main Parameters

ID 142
Type Townhouse
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 4
Approx size 150 m2
Land plot 750 m2

Key Features

Sea view
First sea line


to the sea20 m
to the airport95 km
to the nearest village/town1 km

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«Right on the coast, there are two good sand and pebble beaches. Very close to a beautiful pine forest and olive garden .»


Separate modern townhouses in the complex are offered for sale in a village on the western side of the peninsula of Halkidiki. Small village, in which, nevertheless, can find supermarkets, bakeries, fish taverns and restaurants. Nearby there is a gas station, bank, ATM .
Away from mass tourism, in silence, among the Greeks. Greeks tend to come here in July and August. A tourist season starts in May and ends in late September.
Right on the coast, there are two good sand and pebble beaches. Very close to a beautiful pine forest and olive garden .

Nea Skioni

Nea Skioni is located in the southwest part of the peninsula of Kassandra (Chalkidiki) at a distance of 110 kilometres from Thessaloniki.  

This is a small traditional town situated in an area endowed with rare natural beauty, where the carefree sea bathing is well combined with hiking in the pine forest.  

From history
Toponym of the town owes its origin to the ancient town Skioni, which, according to Thucydides, the famous historian of ancient Greece, was founded by palliniytsians (residents of the ancient polis Pallini Peloponnese), during their return to their homeland after the Trojan War. Later, the Athenians resettled here Plataeans, natives of the city Platees (Boeotia), but with all this the precursor to the modern town of Nea Skioni (New Skioni) is a mountain village Tsaprani. Since the beginning of the last century, its inhabitants were periodically going down the coast, as a result of having founded here a fishing village in 1918.  

During the Ottoman rule, Tsaprani, along with other 12 villages of Chalkidiki, was part of the Waqf Gazanfer-aga. A prominent fighter against Ottoman rule (during the Greek national liberation struggle in 1821) who came from the village was Nikolaos Stergiou.  

Religious festivals
From the old village Tsaprani, a church of the Holy Trinity (Agia Triada) of 1867 has survived. It holds an annual traditional religious festival (panigiri), which unites locals and visitors from different parts of Chalkidiki.  

Another attraction is the church of Panagia Skioni Phaneromeni (Holy Mother of God), which is decorated with frescoes of the 16th century and which stands opposite of the sea, 2 kilometres east of the modern resort town, on the site of the ancient Skioni.  

In 1881, after Thessaly was liberated from the Ottoman rule, this temple was handed over to the monastery Thessaly Flamur, which it belonged to, the Ecumenical Patriarchate (namely - the Theological School of Halki), remaining in his possession to this day.  

The Church of Panagia Faneromeni has an image of Virgin Mary painted on the vertical marble pedestal.  

According to the legend, once upon a time, late in the evening, one of the local villagers saw the light in the sea approaching the shore. Thinking that it was a pirate ship, he hastened to warn his fellow villagers. In the morning, when the light reached the shore, they saw that it was a big piece of marble, which has the face of Virgin Mary depicted on its surface. Residents were amazed by this unprecedented miracle and asked the Turkish bey, a ruler of the region at that time, to build a small church, which could become the abode of the estimated icons. However, he not only refused their request, but on top of that, tossed the marble ground, violently stomping it with his feet. Suddenly marble depicting the sacred image became soft as clay, resulting the leg of the bey to bog down in it and finally get stuck. Bay, who was utterly frightened by what had happened, immediately repented and offered his apology, giving permission to build the church.  

According to local residents, this icon was crying before the tragic events that were brewing in the country, as it was, for example, before the World War II and shortly before the invasion of Turkish forces into Cyprus. And even more recently, when Skopje has raised the issue of renaming the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) as ‘Macedonia’, which contradicts the historical reality and goes against the interests of Greece.  

Every year, on 23 August, there is a large-scale religious festival happening here. It is a rather solemn assembly (in Orthodoxy it is the last day of the great feast) of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrated in Greece on 15 August (according to the Gregorian calendar).  

Harbour Skioni
A distinctive feature of Nea Skioni, compared with other places of Chalkidiki, is its largest harbour in the entire peninsula. There are many moored fishing boats (caiques) that came here from the Thermal Bay and even the Gulf Islands Northern Sporades (Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos and others).  

A walk along the harbour ended by the meal of the most tasty fish dishes prepared in one of the fish taverns of the seaside settlement is undoubtedly the most attractive offer for every visitor, refusing which is simply impossible.  

Apart from fish taverns, the modern resort of Nea Skioni has numerous hotel complexes, hotels, apartments, souvenir shops and supermarkets

It also has its own taxi, pharmacy, medical centre, primary school, kindergarten and port services (customs).  

This is a truly unique place for living, rest and relaxation.   View More »

Find around

Cafes and bars

Kassandros cafe 28 min. 3 min.
Baraonda cafe bar 30 min. 3 min.
Poldo's fast food   7 min.
Πλατεία cafe   7 min.

Mini- and supermarkets

Super market 29 min. 3 min.
Bakery 30 min. 3 min.
Super market 30 min. 3 min.
ΑΡΙΣΤΑ super market   7 min.

Pharmacies and clinics

Pharmacy 30 min. 3 min.
Medical point 30 min. 3 min.
Medical point   7 min.
Doctor 24 hours   7 min.

Taverns and restaurants

ΓΥΡΑΔΙΚΟ greek fast food 30 min. 3 min.
Agirovoli seafood 30 min. 3 min.
MEXIKAIN tavern 30 min. 3 min.
Tastes of Greece restaurant   7 min.