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«Mainland infrastructure + island atmosphere!»


Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras is the most cosmopolitan resort of the Sithonia peninsula, which uniquely combines the sea and mountains, fun pastime, romantic walks as well as Greek and international cuisine.  

Walk along the trail, surrounded by pine forest that runs along the sea shore, gives visitors breath-taking views of the amphitheatre resort of Neos Marmaras and uninhabited island Kelifos located opposite of the settlement, which resembles a shape of a turtle.  

It is hard to remain indifferent to the natural beauty of the place: the sea sparkling under the sun with numerous sparkling scales; shimmering in the sun magnificent sandy beaches lapped by the turquoise waters; shiny pebbles from the waters of the sea visible from under the foamy waves and sky at sunset, painted in a bright palette of colours of the departing sun...  

Traditions brought to Neos Marmaras by refugees from the island of Marmaras (modern Turkey), give the resort a special atmosphere, which is most evident during the summer season, with holding here many local festivals.  

In short, staying in the coastal town of Neos Marmaras gives complete rest as well as a wide range of entertainment, full relaxation and intense exercise (for all ages and preferences).  

Historical records
Neos Marmaras was founded in 1922 by refugees who have arrived here from the island of Marmaras, which is located in Asia Minor. Until then, the place was owned by Osiou Gregoriou – the monastery of St. Gregory of Mount Athos. Today, the eastern part of the settlement has buildings in the former metochion, which were constructed here in 1905, and Dormition Abbey, dating back to 1865.  

In 1960, one of the largest hotel complexes in Greece – Porto Carras – was erected to the south-east of Neos Marmaras. This project entailed intensive tourist development of the region as a whole, transforming a small resort town in the most important sights of Chalkidiki.  

In connection with such rapid development, the old village of Parthenonas, which is located at the foot of Mount Itamos was attached to the settlement of Neos Marmaras in 1970, forming the western part of modern resort.  

Attractions and cultural events
At the entrance to Neos Marmaras, next to the road, there is an abandoned complex of buildings, which were once Metochion Tripotamos dating back to the 19th century. The metochion belonged to the Monastery of Kastamonu, presenting a striking example of traditional architecture of metochions in Chalkidiki.  

A boat “Santala” symbolises history and traditions of the inhabitants of the town of Neos Marmaras. It headed a string of fishing boats with refugees on board who arrived here in 1922 from the island of Marmaras in Asia Minor. A copy of this boat can be found today in the central harbour of Neos Marmaras.  

From the standpoint of the history of the town, great importance is attached to the temple of the Holy Archangels, which has icons brought here with refugees.  

The annual celebration of the Holy Trinity (Pentecost) is a pleasant surprise for all visitors to the resort: this day includes representation of an Orthodox wedding, which, according to tradition, was carried out in the old Marmaras on the territory of the modern Turkey.  

As for Parthenonas, we are talking about a village kept under protection of the state. It is located at an altitude of 350 metres above the sea level, which is a perfect choice for hiking as well as for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee or delicious meal.  

It is assumed that the name of the village Parthenonas is associated with the ancient town of Parfenupoli, which existed on this site in ancient times. However, the first time this place was mentioned only in the Byzantine era. Today, the area has the Folklore Museum, which represents particular interest. Museum exhibition presents the tradition of the inhabitants of Neos Marmaras, including household utensils, national costumes, photographs of the early 20th century and also earlier period.

Great attention is given to the traditional religious festival, which is held on an annual basis on 27 July, in the Church of St. Panteleimon in Parthenonas in Neos Marmaras.  

To the north of the village Parthenonas, there is the main ridge of Sithonia – Mount Itamos (811 metres above the sea level), rather known as Dragudelis. Climbing all the way to the top of the mountain takes about 15 kilometres away. In addition, there is one of Europe’s largest private vineyards (the second largest) located next to Neos Marmaras. It supplies various wines produced under the brand name “Porto Carras” around the world.  

For those who want to enjoy the splendour of the monasteries of Mount Athos, at least at a distance (from the sea), the place offers daily cruises around the Athos peninsula, starting from the harbour of Neos Marmaras. This is especially true for women who are not admitted for entrance to the Holy Mountain.  

The old taverns of Neos Marmaras, decorated in the traditional style, with hanging on the walls black-and-white photos of past times, offer delicious fresh fish, the taste of which competes with the unique location of these institutions, that is, at the water's edge.  

It is worth mentioning that most of the coffee shops and taverns of the town are located close to the harbour, from where you can see the primary school of the settlement of Neos Maramaras and Church of the Archangels, which are both located on two hills situated close to the sea shore.  

For those who like having good time - until the morning, which, in fact, is the characteristic of the whole of Greece, and especially for resorts in Neos Marmaras where there are plenty of nightlife centres that can satisfy different tastes and requests: from clubs with Greek and foreign music to beach bars with incendiary musical rhythms in the open air and full of stars.  

What to do
Of particular interest is the climbing to the top of Mount Itamos, which is covered with lush vegetation. The 15-kilometre route leads to a viewing platform, which offers spectacular views of the Sithonia peninsula. The same way can be done on mountain bikes or motorcycles, which can be rented in specialised offices located in Neos Marmaras.  

The hotel complex of Porto Carras, which is located 2 kilometres from Neos Marmaras, offers almost all kinds of water sports. Moreover, there are golf courses, tennis courts, basketball courts, an equestrian club and spacious modern marina, which is, in fact, a well-equipped miniport for yachts of different sizes.  

Water sports are also available on the beaches of Neos Marmaras. In addition, there are also beach volleyball courts.  

In addition, Neos Marmaras is ideally suitable for family holidays. Apart from pleasant walks along the promenade or picturesque coves, the resort features a playground outdoors as well as game rooms for children.  

Range of services
Neos Marmaras is equipped with all necessary infrastructures for quality service and convenience of its residents and, of course, visitors and guests of the town. There are banks and ATMs (for quick operations) as well as pay-phone boots, a police station, medical offices, pharmacies, internet cafes and a post office.  

There are taxis to move around, car and motorcycle rental offices, sea boats connecting the hotel with the Porto Carras resort of Neos Marmaras, and intercity coaches running to Thessaloniki and the neighbouring resort towns of Sithonia.  

In addition, there is a wide variety of shops, including photographic supplies and fishing shops for fishing enthusiasts, as well as petrol stations and garages for repair and maintenance of vehicles.  

Shopping stores offer a wide range of products and goods for daily needs, whilst souvenir shops, offering handicraft goods, allow you to pick up unusual gifts, which are good examples of traditional craftsmanship of local artisans.  

Glorious sandy beaches of the modern resort of Neos Marmaras surprise visitors by their diversity: small bays, shallow and deep, cosmopolitan and secluded – for every choice and taste, but certainly always with crystal clear water.  

The main beach of Neos Marmaras has many fish taverns and a beach bar. It starts from the last bay of the town and continues up until Porto Carras – the largest hotel complex in Chalkidiki.  

Obviously, other beaches of Neos Marmaras are not worse – each is interesting in its own way. These are the beaches like Lagomandra, Tripotamos, Keramarya, Paradeisos, Ladarё, Spalafronisya, Azapiko, Kutsupya, Tristinika, Kohi and Korakas.   View More »

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Cafes and bars

Canadian Pizza cafe 9 min. 1 min.
Papagalos cafe 10 min. 1 min.
SENSO cafe 10 min. 1 min.
Edra cafe   11 min.

Mini- and supermarkets

Super market 10 min. 1 min.
Αρβανιτίδης super market 17 min. 2 min.
Super market 19 min. 2 min.
Super market   11 min.

Pharmacies and clinics

Pharmacy 9 min. 1 min.
Medical point 10 min. 1 min.
Pharmacy 37 min. 4 min.
Medical point   19 min.

Taverns and restaurants

BABEΛcafe 9 min. 1 min.
Roma Pizza restaurant 9 min. 1 min.
Roma Pizza restaurant 9 min. 1 min.
DIMITRIS tavern 17 min. 2 min.