Villa Angela

Sale Price: € 650 000

Main Parameters

ID 113
Type Villa
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2
Approx size 180 m2
Land plot 4 500 m2

Key Features

Sea view
First sea line


to the sea100 m
to the airport100 km
to the nearest village/town1.5 km

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«This place has been blessed by God!»



Pyrgadikia resort town is located between Sithonia and Athos. Thanks to this location, you can reach the place from the northern capital of Greece by using various ways: through the city of Mudanya (125 kilometres), through Poligiro city, the capital of Chalkidiki (85 kilometres) as well as through Arneyu (103 kilometres). The direct distance from Polygyros resort is 39 kilometres.  

Pyrgadikia settlement, also known as Agios Dimitrios, was founded in 1925 (after the Asia Minor Catastrophe) by refugees from Asia Minor, who arrived to the place from the village of Afton, which located on the island of Marmara Black Sea, and who had become his first settlers.  

The resort has an excellent layout positioned like an amphitheatre on the slopes of a hill running down to the sea. The hill juts deep
into the sea, thus forming a small peninsula. This is why people often call it “Pyrgadikia peninsula”. Thanks to this unique location, all house facades face the picturesque harbour and Gulf Singitikos, but the general view of the resort, which is washed by the sea on three sides, strikes resemblance of an island.  

The territory of Pyrgadikia and its surrounding area have traces of ancient buildings. The most important archaeological site is located on the northern coast of the peninsula Pyrgadikia, where, it is believed, was located the ancient Greek polis Piloros, which is the second city standing in the way of the fleet of Xerxes after crossing the channel Athos, who was mentioned in the tax lists of the Athenian alliance until 433 BC. The artefacts that were found here during archaeological excavations (vessels of ceramics – typical examples of the work of local artists) are exhibited in the museum Polygyro.  

The next mention refers to the year of 1037: one of the documents of that time states that the monastery Docheiariou Mount Athos “has Pyrgadikia field at its disposal”. It is noteworthy that Byzantine documents of this area almost always referred to Prigardikia, which created a new place-name: Pyrgadikia.  

It is worth noting that the monastery Docheiariou until recently had its own large plot of land in the area.  


• The remains of the long and once powerful wall, which was built, as it is assumed, in the Byzantine period in order to protect the peninsula Pyrgadikia from enemies. It is believed that it started somewhere in the area of the present location of the harbour, passing to the west of the cathedral church and the top of the peninsula, and ending on the north coast.

• The Church of St. Demetrius, to whom settlement owes its second name. It is located within the boundaries of the village, representing the church typical of mid-19th-century Chalkidiki. The temple was built on the ruins of a small early Christian basilica, the foundation of which today is seen around the present church.

• The remains of the 8-metre-hight tower and a portion of barrier wall located in the middle of the valley “Kambos” – on the northeast of Pyrgadikia, approximately 2 kilometres from the resort. It is assumed that it is the tower of the metochion of the monastery of Docheiariou, as is evident from the 1409 documents.

• Buildings of the metochions: two buildings iof 1885 and ruins of other buildings constructed mainly in 1821, which became the first refuge for refugees from Asia Minor and then founded the village Pyrgadikia. They are located approximately 500 metres east of the “Kambos”, near the sea. Here you can walk along a dirt road.

• The best beach in the area – “Kambos”. It has very beautiful golden sand, which is located in the centre of the Gulf Singitikos (between Sithonia and Holy Mountain Athos). We are talking about a long and, at times, well organised beach. There are many small shops arranged for the convenience of visitors, a beach bar, tavern and some beach volleyball grounds.

Interesting events: 8 September is the celebration of the Birthday of the Virgin Mary.

Natural food of local production: fish, olives and olive oil.
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Cafes and bars

Bakery-cafe 9 min. 1 min.
ΜΠΟΥΓΑΤΣΑ cafe   16 min.
Ακανθος cafe bar   16 min.
Η ΓΩΝΙΑ cafe bar   16 min.

Mini- and supermarkets

Coffee shop 10 min. 1 min.
Super market   10 min.
Lidl super market   15 min.
Μασούτης super market   15 min.

Pharmacies and clinics

Pharmacy   10 min.
Pharmacy   16 min.
Pharmacy   19 min.
Pharmacy   23 min.

Taverns and restaurants

Fish tavern 9 min. 1 min.
Ο ΚΟΣΤΑΣ fish tavern 10 min. 1 min.
Μαρκεζίνης fish tavern 10 min. 1 min.
Ο ΘΕΜΗΣ super market 10 min. 1 min.