Villa James Bond

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Main Parameters

ID 108
Type Villa
Bedrooms 11
Bathrooms 6
Approx size 650 m2
Land plot 30 000 m2

Key Features

Sea view
First sea line


to the airport5 km
to the nearest village/town1 km

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Once you enter the site of this villa, you find yourself at a summer restaurant. Keep walking and you enter a wonderful garden filled with palm and pine trees, flowers and beautiful sculptures. There is a path to your left which leads to a swimming pool and spa including everything for comprehensive rest: Finnish sauna, hammam, two rooms for massage with heated couches, a small swimming pool with cold water, toilet and shower. There are two guest houses located in front of the main building. One house has three bedrooms and another house has two bedrooms. Each house has a bathroom and fully equipped kitchen.
The main building consists of three floors. The first floor includes a living room, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and an extensive terrace. Second floor has the main bedroom and a large open-air area. Its ground floor has a dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and utility room. The spacious terrace of the house opens a magnificent view of the hill, which in ancient times was the centre for early polis including a majestic temple of Artemis and bustling market. Today, the place and its picturesque ruins of a Byzantine tower Stavronikita remind visitors of the past tempestuous times. The impeccable antique furniture of the house adds to an aristocratic accent of the exquisite design of the place.


Kanoni is a famous suburb of Kerkyra (Corfu), located south of the Peninsula Paleopolis (Old Town), after Garitsa, and five kilometers from the city center. The place was named in 1798, when a French tactical artillery unit was stationed here. There is a cannon of the artillery battery standing near the tourist pavilion, to which the whole area owes its name “Kanoni”, which means a cannon.  

The cannon stands on a small square, which is, in fact, a viewing platform offering breathtaking views of the Monastery Vlahernon located directly opposite and is connected to the mainland by a cement pier, built in the 17th century.  

Pontikonisi - "Mouse Island"  
You can reach a green rock located at the entrance of the Halkiopulu lagoon by using one of the boats moored at the marina of Vlahernon monastery. This is a tiny island Pontikonisi, which translates from Greek as “Mouse Island”, named so due to its “microscopic” dimension.  

Any stay or walk in the island is prohibited by the local authority in order to preserve the natural museum.  

According to a legend, Pontikonisi was a ship of Phaeacians which, after it delivered Odysseus to his native Ithaka, turned into a tone (according to a myth, the ships of Phaeacians had no rudders and were governed by mental instructions of their captains).  

If we are to follow Homer, the island represents the ship of Odysseus which was crashed during a raging storm just off the island of Phaeacians. This was the last stop before Ithaka and the ship was turned into a slab of rock by Poseidon.  

The island has a small Byzantine church built in honour of the Pantocrator (Christ the Creator of All), dating from 11-12 centuries. The church is “hiding” behind thick bushes of fir and pine trees.  

Kanoni opens a stunning view, which inspired Swiss artist Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901) to paint the picture “Island of the Dead”, which received wide popularity among all his works. The artist created five versions of this painting.  

Kanoni as a place of unique beauty  
Kanoni is regarded as the most beautiful part of Corfu. It is a wonderful place for hiking, with all its stunning panoramic views of the sea as it is situated in front of Pontikonisi. It offers direct views on Perama and Halkiopulu lagoon, and also has an unobstructed view of the runway of the airport “Ioannis Kapodistrias”.  

It is very beautiful throughout the entire day, especially during the sunset, when the blazing disk of the sun is immersed into blue waters of the sea whilst its orange rays are glowing in the sky.  

Cosmopolitan suburb of Corfu is located on the peninsula near most beautiful beaches. In addition, Kanoni has many restaurants, cafes, bars, supermarkets and a variety of shops. There are also a golf club, riding school, water park, casino and the summer palace of Mon Repo with its beautiful park open to visitors – all located at the vicinity of 10 kilometers.  

However, Kanoni is not only a place of magical beauty. It is also famous as a landmark of the island. Apart from the legendary cannon, there is an ancient city of Corfu, which was founded in the 8th century BC and the ancient Temple of Artemis.

Halkiopulu Lagoon  
Kanoni connects with Perama by a narrow bridge, which resulted in a lagoon, later called Halkiopulu Lagoon. Residents and tourists of this place like to have a walk across the bridge as it became one of the most famous destinations for residents and guests of Corfu.  

Despite the tourist development of the region and expansion of the local airport, Halkiopulu Lagoon remains an important wetland, which has rare species of migratory birds, such as, for example, wild heron, which was in danger of extinction. There are organized breeding and rearing of fish across 200 hectares of the lagoon.   View More »

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Cafes and bars

Acapella cafe-bar 3 min. 1 min.
Kukutsi sushi bar 3 min. 1 min.
STARBUCKS cafe 3 min. 1 min.
ROYAL cafe 3 min. 1 min.

Mini- and supermarkets

Mini market 2 min. 1 min.
Mini market 4 min. 1 min.
Mini market 20 min. 2 min.

Taverns and restaurants

MASKA tavern 2 min. 1 min.
Captain George tavern 3 min. 1 min.
ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ tavernt 20 min. 2 min.
ΕΚΤΩΡΑΣ tavern 20 min. 2 min.