Apartment Oceania

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ID 105
Type Apartment
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 1
Approx size 140 m2
Land plot 2 000 m2

Key Features



to the sea500 m
to the airport50 km
to the nearest village/town1.5 km

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Nea Moudania

The picturesque seaside resort of Nea Moudania, which is usually called by locals as Mudanya, is a small resort town of about 9,000 residents, which is the capital of the municipality of Nea Propontida of the Chalkidiki peninsula.  

The town is located at a very convenient location at the entrance to the peninsula of Chalkidiki, 54 kilometres from Thessaloniki. Undoubtedly, it has a clear advantage compared to other resorts in the region.  

Residents of Mudanya are engaged in tourist business and fishing. Together with the settlement of Nea Mihaniona, Mudanya is one of the largest fishing centres in Central Macedonia. Moreover, in 2002, in order to show the importance of fishing in the life of the local population, residents of Mudanya created a museum of traditional boats and tools which is located at the port of Nea Moudania.  

A berth for the wholesale of fish Auction (Ιχθυόσκαλα), located in the port town, is one of the largest in the Mediterranean: there are tons of sardines (sardela) and anchovy (gavros) supplied to all corners of Greece and abroad.  

Every year, in late June, Mudanya hosts Sardeli Celebration, which includes a diverse array of cultural events.  

In addition to that, Nea Moudania is the largest shopping centre in Chalkidiki, with many shops of various types. There are also banks, post office, yacht club, folklore museum “Bithynia”, educational institutions (3 kindergartens, 4 primary schools, 2 high school, 2 colleges and the Department of Technological Institute of Thessaloniki) and various public services. Once a week – and particularly on Wednesdays – the city organises the largest open-air market in Chalkidiki.  

From history
Nea Moudania was founded in 1922 by refugees from Asia Minor (during the times of the Asia Minor Catastrophe), who lived in Mudanya, on the shores of the Propontis (modern Turkey), and who came to Greece after the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne, after they landed on the west coast of Chalkidiki in Kargi estuary, which used the meaning of “port-shelter”. It is noteworthy that there is an olive plantation still growing to the present day and which appeared before the eyes of the refugees at the landing on the shore in 1923.  

The new settlers were dealing in trade, fishing, agriculture and viticulture, which led to the rapid development of the settlement of Nea Moudania and which soon turned into a major tourist centre with its natural harbour and commercial port town, which is constantly expanding and modernizing.  

The harmonious combination of hills covered with olive trees, plains, and in overall sea and land, create picturesque landscapes.  

Today, Nea Moudania possesses a developed tourist infrastructure with a well-equipped beach and clean sea.  

There is a quiet, serene and beautiful beach Dionysiou located 2,5 kilometres from the resort. The beach observes a combination of blue sky with the azure of the sea, and the whisper of the waves calms and soothes the soul. Here you can walk along the promenade lined with flowers and stretching for miles along the sea, or enjoy a drink by the beach or taste delicious fish dishes whilst sitting at the very edge of the water.    I   View More »

Find around

Cafes and bars

Concha beach bar 9 min. 1 min.
Λωτός kafe 15 min. 1 min.
Mandarini kafe 15 min. 2 min.
Moretto cafe 17 min. 2 min.

Mini- and supermarkets

Αρβανιτίδις super market 13 min. 1 min.
Lidl super market 14 min. 1 min.
Carrefoure super market 15 min. 2 min.
Super market 16 min. 2 min.

Pharmacies and clinics

Pharmacy   17 min.
Pharmacy   19 min.
Otolaryngologist   19 min.
Pharmacy   19 min.

Taverns and restaurants

Argonautes   7 min.
Marina fish restaurant   7 min.
Marina   7 min.
To Parko   8 min.