Villa Stauronikita

Sale Price: € 15 000 000

Rental Price: € on request

Main Parameters

ID 102
Type Villa
Bedrooms 11
Bathrooms 9
Approx size 6 500 m2
Land plot 10 500 m2

Key Features

Sea view

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«The villa is adjacent to the luxury infrastructure of hotel complexes at Sani Resort.»


Property layout

The main building consists of three floors. The first floor includes a living room, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and an extensive terrace. Second floor has the main bedroom and a large open-air area. Its ground floor has a dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and utility room. The spacious terrace of the house opens a magnificent view of the hill, which in ancient times was the centre for early polis including a majestic temple of Artemis and bustling market. Today, the place and its picturesque ruins of a Byzantine tower Stavronikita remind visitors of the past tempestuous times. The impeccable antique furniture of the house adds to an aristocratic accent of the exquisite design of the place.   Once you enter the site of this villa, you find yourself at a summer restaurant. Keep walking and you enter a wonderful garden filled with palm and pine trees, flowers and beautiful sculptures. There is a path to your left which leads to a swimming pool and spa including everything for comprehensive rest: Finnish sauna, hammam, two rooms for massage with heated couches, a small swimming pool with cold water, toilet and shower. There are two guest houses located in front of the main building. One house has three bedrooms and another house has two bedrooms. Each house has a bathroom and fully equipped kitchen.  

Villa legend

The place for building this villa was chosen with an original purpose in mind. The hill, on which the house is erected, had always been the dwelling place of local aristocracy. Some official records suggest that Persian king Xerxes built his house in this place before he moved his army towards the ancient town of Therma (currently Thessaloniki). During the era of Greco-Persian wars, Chalkidiki peninsula blocked the path of the Persian army to Attica due to the fact that the waters near the small peninsula of Athos were too dangerous for the king’s flotilla, and therefore, he ordered his people to dig a canal at the narrowest point of the peninsula in order to connect the Thracian Sea with the Gulf Singitikos. The king took advantage of the conquered cities, including Sani, which surrendered to the king without fight, and enslaved their populations to supply people and material for building the place. In modern times, the canal of Xerxes is the official historical and archaeological site located near the village of Nea Roda.

The villa is adjacent to the luxury infrastructure of hotel complexes at Sani Resort.


Coastal village Stavronikita is a model of a proper seaside resort. It works together with the largest hotel complex Sani Resort, which puts it in the ranks of some of the most attractive summer destinations in Greece. This is an area of leisure and complete relaxation in a beautiful natural environment and aesthetics.  

Sani is an amazingly beautiful place located close to the seaside resort Nea Fokea. In ancient times this place had a colony of ancient Eretria (island Euboea). According to Herodotus and Strabo, the new city started its rapid development after it engaged in a dynamic trade with Euboea, Ionia and the Cyclades, and later with Corinth and Athens. In those years, a sanctuary of Artemis was built at this picturesque cape and we can still see the remains of a Roman villa large landowner left here from the era of the Roman rule.  

In the 14th century, this place housed many Holy Mountain metochions, most of which have survived to the present day, including the Tower Stavronikita (1543) based on the cape St. George, which remains after the former Monastery of Stavronikita and was dedicated to Saint Nicholas. In modern times, the Byzantine tower is situated on a hill overlooking the hotel Sani. In summer, the place holds an extensive cultural festival with concerts of world music, jazz and classical music s well as dance performances, film screenings and art exhibitions.

Resort beaches  
Sani Resort has very beautiful beaches. In particular, beaches at Sani Hotel and Simantro Beach as well as at camping Blue Dream,  make this area a truly unique place attracting a large number of Greek and foreign tourists.   View More »

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Anemos Beach Bar 7 min. 1 min.
Sea You 9 min. 1 min.
Mojito Bar 10 min. 1 min.
Ammos Beach Bar 11 min. 1 min.

Mini- and supermarkets

Super Market Sani Marina 9 min. 1 min.
Mini market   9 min.
Confectionery   9 min.
Αρβανιτίδης super market   9 min.

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Pharmacy 9 min. 1 min.
Pharmacy   10 min.
Pharmacy   10 min.
Pharmacy   10 min.

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Ouzerie 2 min. 1 min.
Dunes 8 min. 1 min.
Ergon 8 min. 1 min.
Tomata restaurant 9 min. 1 min.