Ski resort Kajmakčalan


Very often, when Greece is mentioned, our imagination portrays colourful pictures of hot summer, walks on the seafront, welcoming beaches and warm sparkling sea. There is a desire to enrich this usual list of things. Apart from wonderful nature, hospitable people and exciting legends, Greece is famous for its excellent ski resorts. One of such places is the resort Kajmakčalan. It is the biggest ski resort in Greece. It is based 2,5 thousands meters high, which is much higher than any other Greek ski resort. Kajmakčalan is well equipped and ready to please every novice or professional with its great pistes of all levels. There are schools where experienced instructors can teach downhill skiing and snowboarding. Also, the centre has shops and ski equipment and accessories rentals, gym, children’s centre, sauna and cosy restaurants and cafes overlooking the top of the Mount Olympus. Kajmakčalan is equipped with trail for sledding and tubing. The centre is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Greece, which is famous for healing effects of fresh mountain air. You will not regret if you decide to spend your vacation, manoeuvring on the ski slopes of the resort. View More »

Healing streams of Chalkidiki Peninsula


If you were lucky enough to visit Kassandra, which is the first “finger” of Chalkidiki, then you have a unique chance to combine business with pleasure! Five kilometres from Agia Paraskevi, there is a seaside village Loutra, which is translated as “waters”, “resort”, “baths”. The place received its name due to its healing streams rich with sulphur. According to research, the water from these streams is positive not only for prevention and relaxation, but also for healing many illnesses and suits to many ages. In 2000, a new ultra-modern building of hospital spa was erected, which has two adjacent pools: internal and external, ten personal baths with healing waters with temperature of 34.5°C. Also, the building has an operating sauna, Turkish bath (hamam), sprinklers, hot tubs (individual and public) for restorative procedures. Baths are open all year round, seven days a week. If you have questions regarding individual approaches to procedures or you are interested in sessions of therapeutic massage, you can consult a doctor and after the procedures you can enjoy fruit drinks from the bar or please yourself or your children with delicious ice cream. Come, relax and stay healthy! View More »

Opening account in Greece


One of the stages in preparation for acquisition of real property in Greece is opening of a bank account in the Bank of Greece on the name of the buyer. To do this, the buyer needs: - passport (or inter-country passport with a stamp for registration), - statement from work on a letter headed paper stating occupation, - statement of income tax paid for last couple of years. The reason for opening an account is that it gives the possibility to send money for the transaction (cost of the purchased property and costs for the transaction – notarial and registration fees, taxes). Thus, these sums can be accumulated on the account and taken from it at the finalising of the deal, close to the signing of the sale and purchase agreement.   View More »

Notarial deed of sale and purchase


The current Greek legislation provides that a sale and purchase contract of real estate must be made in writing and notarised. A notary will prepare the contract and then fill in and submit an appropriate tax application to the authorised tax authority. The tax (for transfer of ownership or VAT) is paid by the buyer before the signing of the Basic, notarised contract of sale and purchase of real estate. The transaction itself is conducted in the following way: the lawyer of the buyer pays appropriate tax; on the same, or the following, day the Basic agreement is signed by both buyer and seller. The notary negotiates with the parties in advance and agrees the date and time of signing of the contract and then reads it to the parties present at the signing. Each party signing the contract may transfer the authority to represent their interests to another person (usually, it is a lawyer of our company) granting him or her power of attorney. The power of attorney may be signed by a notary (in Greece or place of residency) or in a Greek consulate abroad. Power of attorney certified by a foreign notary should be formally recognised in Greece, which means it must have an apostille on it. The duties of a notary include explaining to the parties their treaty obligations and rights arising out of the sale and purchase, as well as making sure that the parties understand their responsibilities. This is usually done by reading the contract aloud to the parties before signing. The sale and purchase agreement must be drafted in Greek language because it is an official language. The buyer takes an interpreter to the process of signing the agreement. This usually is an employee of our company who produces oral translation of all provisions of the agreement and in witness whereof he or she also signs the contract. After the signing, the agreement is sent for registration in the Register of real estate and this is the final stage of the transaction. View More »

Receiving Greek VAT identification number


One of the stages in preparation for acquisition of real estate in Greece is obtaining by the buyer a Greek VAT identification number (or AFM, as it is called in Greek). A notary must insert this number in the appropriate tax application (on transfer of ownership or VAT), which is paid by the buyer prior to signing the contract of sale and purchase. There are two options for receiving VAT identification number or AFM: 1) the buyer can get a VAT identification number personally. To do this, he will be accompanied by a lawyer of our company in order to contact the tax office during his stay in Greece; 2) the buyer can use a notary (in Greece or at their place of residence) to create a power of attorney on a lawyer of our company. A power of attorney drawn up abroad must also be certified by the Apostille. In this case, the lawyer will go to the tax office with the power of attorney and copy of the buyer's passport and receive VAT identification number on the buyer's name. After consideration of the documents, the tax authorities will produce a certificate of issue of VAT identification number, a copy of which the lawyer will pass on to the notary to insert this information in the tax application and in the sale and purchase contract. View More »

Viewing properties


If you have decided to buy a house by the sea, it is very important to make the right choice. It is essential that your house is fully consistent with your wishes. Once you have made your mind on the price, location and layout of the house, an agent will help you select the appropriate options, e-mail you photos, detailed descriptions and prices. When you make your choice of specific properties, which you prefer to view first-hand, the agent will agree with you the date and programme of the viewing. Finally, your dream is coming closer to truth! Viewing can take from several hours to several days. It depends on the number of selected properties, their distance from each other and, sometimes, on weather conditions. If, at the end of the journey, you have accumulated questions about registration of your transaction or if you simply want to think things through, you can go to the office of the company. There, you can consult with our lawyers and dispel all your doubts whilst having a cup of flavoured Greek coffee. Importantly, remember that you choice will be made in your heart. When you enter the house, you know you do not want to leave it for a minute. The role of our agent is to lead you toward your dream. View More »