Viewing properties

If you have decided to buy a house by the sea, it is very important to make the right choice.
It is essential that your house is fully consistent with your wishes.
Once you have made your mind on the price, location and layout of the house, an agent will help you select the appropriate options, e-mail you photos, detailed descriptions and prices.
When you make your choice of specific properties, which you prefer to view first-hand, the agent will agree with you the date and programme of the viewing.
Finally, your dream is coming closer to truth!
Viewing can take from several hours to several days. It depends on the number of selected properties, their distance from each other and, sometimes, on weather conditions.
If, at the end of the journey, you have accumulated questions about registration of your transaction or if you simply want to think things through, you can go to the office of the company.
There, you can consult with our lawyers and dispel all your doubts whilst having a cup of flavoured Greek coffee.
Importantly, remember that you choice will be made in your heart. When you enter the house, you know you do not want to leave it for a minute.
The role of our agent is to lead you toward your dream.