The seaside settlement of Kriopigi, which is located in Kassandra (Halkidiki), has absolutely everything you need for a relaxed living and, at the same time, for enjoyment of a modern resort: sea, beach, rich vegetation and local attractions.  

This is a small resort village, with a population of slightly more than 500 people, located on a hill surrounded by pine trees at an altitude of 130 metres above the sea level.

Historical details
The resort is situated at a distance of 90 kilometers from the city of Thessaloniki. This area was inhabited since ancient times, with the modern settlement of Kriopigi being located between the locations of the two cities of antiquity – Naples and Flegrei; the old name of the settlement (up to the 20th century) was Pazarakiya.  

During the Ottoman rule, this place, along with other villages of the peninsula, belonged to the waqf (mortmain property) of Gazanfer-aga. During the Greek national liberation struggle (1821), residents of Kriopigi were famous for their heroes, such as, captain Hapsasom (Kapsas Stamos) and George Rigas.  

Traditional settlement and modern resort
The resort is known for its traditional settlements and its amphitheater built on the slopes of a hill overgrown with pine trees, which offers a magnificent view on the Gulf of Cassandra, or as it is called Toronaios Bay, as well as on the narrow streets and houses with red tile roofs.  

The seafront of Kriopigi represents a new part of the settlement, which has a large number of taverns and bars, many of which, in summer, are open all night – until morning. It is not accidental that evenings in Kriopigi are especially great to be spent with friends, with a perfectly set table and conversation – right on the seashore.  

The resort includes massive amount of pine and olive trees, among which visitors can find numerous wellsprings of cold water, which gave the settlement its name – Kriopigi (translated from Greek means “cold wellspring”). In addition, there are remains of an ancient Greek amphitheater, which deserves special attention.  

Wonderful climate and a combination of green mountains with a crystal-clear sea, excellent service and exceptional hospitality put Kriopigi in the ranks of one of the leading resorts in the region of Kassandra, which has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. There is a telephone tower (OTE), banks, police station and medical center as well as restaurants, taverns, bars, souvenir shops and many hotels.  

In addition, the settlement has a primary school and kindergarten.  

The seaside town of Kriopigi is famous for its beautiful beaches (Blue Flag Certification 1991), with white sun-bleached sand, much of which can be found on the south side of the village. Along with this beach, the resort has a few other small sandy beaches with stunning views of the bay Toronaios. These beaches are much quieter.  

In addition, in Kriopigi you can also have great fun during your holidays as the resort offers all kinds of water sports.  

The central road of the resort settlement includes a rich variety of taverns and restaurants, which represents a perfect choice for those who like to taste fresh fish, accompanied by the much-loved Greek salad with olives and feta cheese produced locally.  

The nightlife in Kriopigi is not as intense as at other cosmopolitan resorts of Halkidiki, but it has a number of bars, some of which offer live music.  

Small and large hotels as well as an organized camping of the Hellenic Tourism Organisation (EOT) and numerous other furnished apartments provide a comfortable and pleasant stay, with a choice of activities (water sports, excursions, tennis, horseback riding and so forth).  

Apart from that, Kriopigi has the Research and Education Pedagogical Centre, which is a gift of the married couple Dr. Erhart and Sofia Ziegler. This has become a meeting point of educators from all over the world who come here to take part in organised seminars and conferences.  

It is worth noting that Kriopigi is the starting point for various one-day trips and, in particular, trips to Petralona cave located in ancient Olynthus or home of Aristotle in Stagira. Here you can also start your trip on a cruise to the Mount Athos, during which travelers have a unique opportunity (especially women) to get unique pleasure from beauty of intact nature and the monasteries (where women are not allowed to enter). You can also go fishing in the best fishing spots, rich in natural gifts of the region.  

Local produce
In addition to fish, this area is famous for a wide variety of natural local products, such as honey, fruits, wines, olives and olive oil.      


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